Autumn is the last time, the colors, the beautiful colors will fill this earth, before winter takes everything away. What is so beautiful today, winter will take it all, and it seems to me that all living beings on earth know that and feel that. And so the beauty of Autumn is different from all […]

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For those who do not know Bangla, the song is written by Rabindranath Tagore. The poet is saying that he has received the message of his unseen friend through the spring wind but he wants to see his friend .face to face Autumn is second spring in New England. And my daughter ” Sounder ” […]

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Tatsu Hwa and Kele

Legend is Tatsu hwa (Tatsu hwa is the Cherokee Native American tribe name for Cardinal ) is the predictor of rain. Our Tatsu hwa’s beginning calls were territorial calls .We are happy to see that he is getting bolder to let all other birds know that the porch is his territory too 🙂 . But […]

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All about our Cardinal

Our friend ,male Northern Cardinal is surprising us lately as he is coming to eat from bird feeder when we are at our porch. That very shy Mr. Cardinal is eating in our presence is a pleasant surprise for us!! Today he came twice when I was at the porch. And today I noticed a […]

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25 million human refugees , 40 million internally displaced human. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Rohingya population… War zones.. Where are disinfectant, soap, water, food, roof above human heads so that they can keep 6 ft distance from one another? What will COVID -19 do to human beings in those places? Who has made their situation so […]

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Life of John R. Lewis

John R Lewis (Feb 21, 1940-July 17, 2020) “When John R. Lewis was a child in Alabama, he was puzzled by the evidence that he saw around him of the South’s Jim Crow laws — segregated rest rooms, segregated movie theaters. He wanted to know why that should be. His mother discouraged his curiosity, saying, […]

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When Sounder met Shundor

Shundor, the white-tailed deer from Massachusetts is a wild deer.. she is a wonderful surprise for us as you do not see wild deer in our area The fence that you see is separating a huge pond from general public. It is not clear from where the deer came. But she surely had made my […]

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Written on June 20

First day of summer, 2020. It was hot today , 90 degree F. Outside was beautiful however. Everything is so deep green outside now. The fragrance of summer flower in outside, birds are on the trees, and the baby geese, and baby ducks are on the river with their parents . People were out , […]

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Truth of USA

Senator Flowers is not liked by those who are disturbed  by the truth of this nation and scared of introspection. Thank you Senator flowers! Love you for that speech!    

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90 Days

It was for people of USA that 26 years old Breonna Taylor worked for, as a frontline fighter against COVID 19 in USA.. She was an EMT. She was killed by 8 bullets as she was sleeping and unarmed , by 3 cops who are free with pay today, 90 days after her murder. People […]

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Written in 2015

I never had seen him before that day, I never knew him before that day First time I saw him only on last year, I saw a little boy in silhouette walking in snow with steps only children know how to take when they imagine. It is not part of our adult world with daily […]

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All pictures and video are taken from CBS news in television which was broadcasting George Floyd’s funeral service today, June 9, 2020 Demand 1st degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin No Justice , No peace. Rest in Power George Floyd! Love to you! BLACK LIVES MATTER


Yester -me, yester-you, yesterday

Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday What happened to the world we knew when we would dream and scheme and while the time away Yester-me, yester-you, yester-day Where did it go, that yester-glow When we could feel the wheel of life turn our way Yester-me, yester-you, yester-day I had a dream, so did you Life was warm, love […]

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Say their names

AHMAUD ARBERY BREONNA TAYLOR GEORGE FLOYD The brutality has been the same for 400 years . These are humans who are current victims of  the brutal , violent, oppressive system which  has been practicing savagery for 400 years on the descendants of those who built nation USA (All photographs are from Internet) .

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Premeditation means intent, planning. When a human in handcuff says he cannot breathe, when human in handcuff says his stomach, neck ARE HURTING BADLY, when he calls his Mother in pain, when others asking a murderer whose knee is on a human’s neck that it may be best to turn the human on his side […]


My wild babies

And amidst all the changes in our human world, somewhere inside a tree, three little raccoons are enjoying an evening in our earth. The middle one is the oldest, I think.. seems to me that she is a very caring sister who is cleaning her younger sibling who is still too young to put his […]

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Life of Jamlo Madkami mattered

This is no fiction, but life story of 12 years old girl child of India, named Jamlo who was born in 2008 in Independent India , but who had to work as laborer at 12 years of age, and who died as his government which has enough money (116 million dollars) to buy Israeli weapons […]

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The passport

(When news of the world nowadays makes me utterly hopeless , I often go back to the words of poet Sukanta  Bhattacharya who was born in Bengal in non independent  India. He died when he was only 21 years old few months before Indian Independence came on the same day of his birth date .In […]

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We are Steps

We are Steps, Everyday you use us , You press us hard under your feet To go up higher and higher And then you never once look at back towards us You think your footsteps on us oblige us Actually those rip our hearts open, bloodied us every single day But the truth is that […]

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I am a little matchstick

I am a little matchstick So insignificant , that probably I am overlooked by everyone, But do not forget that I have gunpowder in my mouth, And in my heart this constant restless urge to ignite, I am just a little matchstick. Do you remember just the other day when I caused so much chaos […]

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